The North Pacific District serves 16 chapters in 8 states.  Districts serve to bring the needs and requests of individual chapters forward to the Public Relations Society of America, through meetings with the national board of directors and through nominating committee duties throughout the year.


Each chapter within the District has its own autonomous board of directors which oversees that chapter's individual membership and programming efforts.  Many of our chapters also have local Public Relations Student Society of America chapters, where college students can participate in PRSA events and meetings for a student discount.

 2014 Schedule of Calls


Call-In Number







November 25

December 16


Members of all chapters served by the PRSA North Pacific District are invited to attend the call to learn more about the services planned by the district for members across the Western United States.

Alaska - Alaska Chapter

California - California Capital Chapter

California - Central California Chapter

California - San Francisco Chapter

California - Silicon Valley Chapter

Montana - Montana Chapter

Nevada - Sierra Nevada Chapter

Oregon - Greater Oregon Chapter

Oregon - Oregon Capital Chapter

Oregon - Portland Metro Chapter

Utah - Greater Salt Lake Chapter

Utah - Utah Valley Chapter

Washington - Greater Spokane Chapter

Washington - Puget Sound Chapter

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